Pleased to present you the speakers of ConTech2021

Steven Feuerstein – Insum Solutions

Steven is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on the Oracle PL/SQL language. He serves as a senior advisor to Insum clients, helps Insum improve the expertise of its consultants, and joins other Insum experts in supporting the worldwide Oracle APEX community. With nearly 30 years of experience in software, Steven has written ten books on PL/SQL programming and trained thousands of developers around the world by sharing his expertise through trainings, articles, videos, conferences, and workshops. Since rejoining Oracle in 2014, he formed a team of Developer Advocates to help Oracle Database developers get the most out of this technology. His team was also responsible for the popular AskTOM ( and Oracle Dev Gym ( sites, both built with APEX.

Valentin Robu – Oracle Romania

I am an Oracle engineer working in support for the last 20 years.
Former programmer and database administrator.

Domains covered: Data replication solutions (GoldenGate), Database & SQL tuning, disaster recovery/backup & recovery policies.

Big fun of relational databases convinced that ER modeling is still a must.

Volunteering for Oracle Academy where I teach/produce workshops & seminars for Oracle database-related technologies.

An arts-inclined spirit trapped in an engineer’s body.

Connor McDonald – Oracle

Connor is a Oracle Developer Advocate for Oracle Corporation. Over the past 25 years; he has worked with systems in Australia; the United Kingdom; Southeast Asia; Western Europe; and the United States.

He has co-authored three books and has been a popular speaker at Oracle conferences around the world; specializing in topics regarding the database engine and PL/SQL.

He won the Oracle Code speaker award in 2018; has three times won the Best Speaker award by the UK Oracle User Group; and was awarded a Lifetime Achievement award by the UKOUG in 2016.

Christian Gohmann – Trivadis Germany GmbH

Christian Gohmann is currently working as Principal Consultant and Instructor at Trivadis Germany GmbH in Dusseldorf; Germany. His main focus lies in helping customers in the areas of architecture planning; implementation; and migration – with a specialization on high availability solutions; like Data Guard; Oracle RAC.

Since 2006; Christian Gohmann is working with Oracle and the Oracle Database and was part of a huge amount of different projects for customers in the German-speaking areas.

Besides his consultancy activities; he is the main developer and the responsible person for TVD-Backup – a product distributed by Trivadis; which is responsible for the intelligent backup and recovery of an Oracle database.

In his spare time; he shares his knowledge on his blog and spends as much time as possible with his two dogs Susi and Taran and for his hobbies climbing/bouldering; hiking; and watching movies.

Chris Saxon Oracle

I’m Chris Saxon; an Oracle Developer Advocate for SQL. My job is to help you get the best out of the Oracle Database and have fun with SQL!

To help you with this I blog at All Things SQL.

I also create videos combining SQL and magic on YouTube at the The Magic of SQL.

If you have questions about working with Oracle technology; please reach out to me. You can do this via Twitter or on Ask Tom

Kim Berg HansenTrivadis Denmark A/S

Kim Berg Hansen is a database developer from Middelfart in Denmark. Originally wanting to work with electronics; he almost coincidentally tried computer programming and discovered where his talent lay; as the programs he did worked well – unlike the electronics projects he soldered that often failed. After that experience he progressed from Commodore Basic on VIC-20 over Modula-2 and C at Odense University to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL; which last two languages he now has worked with extensively since the year 2000. His professional passion is to work with data inside the database utilizing the SQL language to the fullest to achieve the best application experience for the users.
Kim shares his experience and knowledge by writing the Practical Oracle SQL book; blogging; presenting at various Oracle User Group conferences; and being the SQL quizmaster at the Oracle Dev Gym. His motivation is when peers go “”now I understand”” after his explanations; or when end users “”can’t live without”” his application coding. He is certified Oracle OCE in SQL as well as awarded Oracle ACE Director. Outside the coding world Kim is married; loves to cook; and is a card-carrying member of Danish Beer Enthusiasts association.

David Kurtz – Go-Faster Consultancy

David Kurtz has worked with the Oracle database since 1989 and with PeopleSoft ERP applications since 1996, specialising in system performance tuning. He now works for the Accenture Enkitec Group as a system performance tuning specialist.

David is a regular presenter at Oracle and PeopleSoft conferences.

He is the author of PeopleSoft for the Oracle DBA, and blogs about PeopleSoft and Oracle.

David is an Oracle ACE Director and a proud member of the Oak Table.

Gabriel Guzmán Insum Solutions

I’m an IT professional with 8 years of experience with Oracle products, going back to 2013 when I started working with APEX 4.x as a consultant for multiple insurance companies in Venezuela.

In 2017 I was hired by Insum Solutions (the biggest APEX consultancy company in America) to join and help with the formation of the initial team for the new Latam office in Arequipa, Peru. We have grown a lot since then, participating in multiple projects from different countries, in which I had the chance to collaborate not only as a developer, but also as an analyst, tech lead, and project manager.

In 2020, I became an Oracle ACE.