Gabriel Guzmán

I’m an IT professional with 8 years of experience with Oracle products; going back to 2013 when I started working with APEX 4.x as a consultant for multiple insurance companies in Venezuela.

In 2017 I was hired by Insum Solutions (the biggest APEX consultancy company in America) to join and help with the formation of the initial team for the new Latam office in Arequipa; Peru.

We have grown a lot since then; participating in multiple projects from different countries; in which I had the chance to collaborate not only as a developer; but also as an analyst; tech lead; and project manager.

In 2020; I became an Oracle ACE.

During ConTech2021 Gabriel Guzmán will present Agile and Oracle Application Express: Life Cycle Management with APEX

In this day and age; being able to deliver solutions to software requirements on a fast and regular basis is a must. Agile methodologies and efficient development tools like Oracle APEX and GIT allow for an app life cycle management capable of keeping up with this constant delivery.
As customer demand drives product development in the current IT landscape; companies can no longer afford to allow processes; procedures; and documentation to slow the time to get to the market. And this is why Agile methodologies have been becoming the preferred way to manage projects; as they are perfect for any project that requires a series of versions or iterations that need to be reviewed and improved on. But how do we; Oracle APEX developers and PMs; implement Agile methodologies within the Oracle landscape? Are the tools of trade capable of supporting this? What options are out there?

This presentation aims to introduce and explore some of the ways in which we can manage the life cycle of an APEX application so your team can apply Agile methodologies.